Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mitsubishi VZ1 and VZ2 Series 3-dimensional laser cutting systems

Mitsubishi 3D laser cutting system

Mitsubishi’s VZ Series: High-Performance Tools for Maximum Productivity
Mitsubishi’s VZ1 and VZ2 Series, 3-dimensional laser cutting systems offer the ultimate in accuracy and flexibility for users across a wide range of complex laser applications. The unique flexibility of these 5- and 6-axis systems, combined with expanded teaching functions and Mitsubishi’s superior resonator technology, make them extremely powerful tools. They significantly decrease the time and manpower required to produce complex parts, and provide the greatest degree of accuracy and cost efficiency.
The VZ Series Machines feature:
Mitsubishi’s Patented 3-Axis Cross Flow Resonator for superior cutting power
Digital Rectangular Wave High-Peak Power Pulse delivers increased cutting power and cleaner edge quality
Enhanced LC20T Control system with Windows CE and 64-bit CNC. New World Class LC20T 64-bit Control SystemA major key to the enhanced performance of the VZ series is the new LC20T control system. Equipped with a 64-bit Windows based high-speed NC and highly advanced PC-based teach pendant using Windows CE, the LC20T gives the user a powerful and easy-to-use interface. The result is maximum speed and flexibility during programming, job setup, or parts cutting. Mitsubishi CNC Monitor Industry's most advanced PC-based teach pendant for maximum programming power and flexibility.
2GB Hard drive capacity can handle large programs up to 16,000,000 points
Easy One-Touch teach functions dramatically reduce keystrokes during manual programming - up to 50%
Optional DiamondSoft 3D CAD/CAM software for easy to use, advanced offline programming capability.
Powerful and easy to use material parameter tables
Bi-directional offset to zero-offset data conversion


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